Feedback Report Templates

These templates are combinations of couples that have been seen with the Hope Focused approach.  They are in Word 1997-2003 version for downloading and editing.  Some include specific treatment plans, which we encourage to be presented to couples as a tentative plan that can be altered to fit the changing needs of treatment.

  • Worthington template: Couple with conflict and low intimacy.
  • Pre-marital template: Essentially happy but looking to improve relationship skills. Highly religious couple report and treatment plan.
  • Tired parents template: Family with young children, overwhelmed, and low in motivation to work. This is a nonreligious couple report and treatment plan.
  • High conflict couple template: Couple with difficult past, considerable high conflict, poor skills, insecure attachment, and difficulty with emotional regulation. This is a nonreligious couple report and treatment plan. Note the longer treatment plan (20 sessions instead of the more typical 8-12).
  • New format with graphics.  A similar style of feedback but with more graphics and charts for couples.